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DUI / DWI Lawyer

The Watt Law Firm has DUI/DWI defense down to a science. Greg Watt’s credentials speak for themselves and his reputation in Kansas City is without equal. Simply put, success in this area comes from understanding the law — and more importantly — the science better than the Prosecutor handling the case. Greg Watt has verifiable proficiency in every area of DUI/DWI defense needed to give you the edge during plea negotiations and beyond. Greg Watt takes DUI/DWI cases to trial routinely; and he wins routinely. Read more

Drug Defense Lawyer

Regardless of the quantity seized by law enforcement, drug charges are serious. Which is why you should never approach a drug case without first consulting with The Watt Law Firm. The science in this area is extremely complex and if your lawyer doesn’t understand the forensic techniques used to test controlled substances, you do not have a chance. The Watt Law Firm was the first in Kansas City to develop a drug defense method using a direct line of attack against the crime lab’s own technology. Greg Watt takes drug cases to trial routinely; and he wins routinely. Read more

Domestic Violence

Couples are guaranteed to experience conflict at some point in the relationship. If relationship conflict has caused law enforcement to get involved, be prepared to face a domestic violence charge. Successfully defending a domestic violence charge requires an experienced domestic violence defense lawyer who is capable of evaluating the evidence objectively and spinning that evidence into a zealous defense. If you need an experienced trial lawyer, don’t waste another minute — call The Watt Law Firm. Greg Watt takes domestic violence cases to trial routinely; and he wins routinely. Read more

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Take the time necessary to interview several lawyers before deciding on one. If you take this advice, you will immediately notice a tremendous difference between those that have law enforcement experience versus those that do not. Simply put, the top criminal defense lawyers in Kansas City have one thing in common: they all began their careers as Prosecutors. So, whether you are facing a minor infraction — or a serious felony — don’t chance your case with a lawyer who lacks this important background. Greg Watt spent years working in law enforcement and continues to train with the best so you can rest at night knowing your lawyer is ready for anything. Read more

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Greg Watt, Kansas City Criminal Defense Lawyer
“As a prosecutor, I developed a reputation as someone who didn’t hesitate to take a tough case to trial. Clients of The Watt Law Firm, LLC have come to rely on this level of confidence and experience in sorting through the difficulties a criminal matter can present. The ability to work up a case and convey it to a judge and jury is not something every criminal defense attorney can do, or wants to do. Since every prosecutor stands ready, able, and willing to take a case to trial, you should expect nothing less from your own attorney.”

Greg Watt, Criminal Defense Lawyer