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Greg Watt and his family

“Very few defense lawyers have had the privilege of working in law enforcement; I’m thrilled I get to use that experience to assist my clients.”Greg Watt

Greg Watt has received the honor of being rated Top 20 of all Criminal Defense Lawyers in the Kansas City area by based their judgement on Reputation, Credibility, Experience, Availability, & Professionalism.

“The Watt Law Firm, LLC is a criminal defense law firm serving Kansas City and is licensed in Kansas and Missouri. Attorney Greg Watt has previous prosecution experience and has been recognized by both Super Lawyers Magazine and the Kansas City Business Journal for his excellence in criminal defense. His biggest honor is being asked by the fraternal order of police in Colorado and Missouri to represent police officers who have been charged with crimes.”
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Bio for Greg Watt.

Greg Watt received his B.F.A. from Emporia State, M.A. from Kansas State, and J.D. from The University of Tulsa College of Law. Greg began his career as a lobbyist for Emporia State and left governmental relations to accept a teaching position at Kansas State where he taught public speaking for two years.

At the University of Tulsa College of Law Greg served as an editor of the Tulsa Journal of International Law. Also, during this time he was hired by the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office and worked under the guidance of District Attorney, Tim Harris.

After leaving Tulsa, Greg was hired by the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office where he spent the next five years putting some of the most dangerous criminals in Kansas City behind bars. It was at the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office where Greg was given the finest training available by some of the most gifted trial lawyers in Kansas City. Over the years he has also continued his work in the classroom, teaching speech classes for Metropolitan Community College, as well as UMKC.

Greg has been recognized as one of the most accomplished criminal defense lawyers in the Kansas City area because like any good fighter — he only trains with the best. He holds advanced credentials in:

  1. DNA Analysis;
  2. Drug Recognition Expert Protocol;
  3. Standard Field Sobriety Testing;
  4. Standard Field Sobriety Instructor;
  5. Gas and Liquid Chromatography;
  6. DUI(D) Analysis;
  7. Forensic Drug Analysis and the use of FTIR technology;
  8. Advanced Roadside Impairment Driver Enforcement Protocol;
  9. Breath Testing; and,
  10. Advanced trial techniques.

He has been recognized by both Super Lawyers Magazine and The Kansas City Business Journal for his excellence in criminal defense; he is routinely asked by the local bar association to teach new lawyers proper courtroom fundamentals; he is a 2017 graduate of the National Criminal Defense College; and, he is one of only twelve lifetime members of the Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Perhaps the biggest honor, though, is the fact that the fraternal order of police in both Colorado and Missouri have called upon Greg to represent police officers charged with crimes.

In summary, there are a lot of lawyers in Kansas City, but none with the breadth of training — and therefore, breadth of skill — Greg Watt brings to your defense. Please Contact The Watt Law Firm here if you need to speak with a Kansas City criminal defense lawyer.

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