“Science wins cases; the best criminal defense lawyers embrace the lab and classroom as zealously as they do the courtroom.”Greg Watt, Kansas City DUI DWI Defense

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What makes someone a top DUI/DWI defense lawyer? The easiest way to separate the amateurs from the professionals is by evaluating credentials.

Greg Watt began his career working as a Prosecutor. During that time, he received the finest "hands-on" training available in police practices and investigative techniques used routinely by detectives and patrol officers.

After leaving a career in law enforcement, Greg has continued training with the best. Greg regularly attends the top DUI/DWI defense schools in the nation because he believes high caliber training is an important factor in successfully defending the toughest DUI/DWI cases that walk through his door. Hundreds of people a year call upon Greg to defend them in their time of need when charged with an alcohol related driving offense because they too agree: training matters.

By working with national leaders in the field of DUI/DWI defense, Greg has become as comfortable in a lab as he is in a courtroom. And the lab work matters, since the best defenses typically involve showing the Judge or Jury defects in the breath and/or blood testing. In short,  your lawyer must understand the science -- but just as important -- your lawyer must have the experience necessary to apply that science to your defense.

Do your homework -- check the credentials -- and compare for yourself. Simply put, no lawyer in Kansas City offers more verifiable expertise in DUI/DWI defense than Greg Watt.

verifiable DUI/DWI defense success

Greg’s track record for success wasn't built accidentally; instead, his success is the product of years of dedication to this area of law. 

Greg has earned a stellar reputation in the arena of DUI/DWI defense because his success is verifiable.

In fact, Greg Watt is the only lawyer in Kansas City with verifiable proficiency in the following ten areas:

  1. Standard Field Sobriety Testing;
  2. Standard Field Sobriety Instructor;
  3. Breath Testing Analysis;
  4. Gas Chromatography and its use in cases involving a blood sample;
  5. DRE (Drug Recognition Expert) symptomology chart usage and the proper application of the 12 step evaluation taught by NHTSA/IACP;
  6. DUI/D;
  7. Non-Standardized Field Sobriety Testing;
  8. Forensic Drug Testing;
  9. ARIDE (Advanced Roadside Impairment Driver Enforcement Protocol); and,
  10. Retrograde extrapolation and BAC curve analysis.

Using this advanced training, every case that comes through his door is scrutinized for a deviation in proper procedure. In addition, dash camera evidence is evaluated, witnesses are interviewed, and police reports are pored over with the attention your case deserves.

This approach provides clients with expert advice on defense strategy, so the client can make an informed decision on plea negotiations and beyond.

Remember if you are pulled over and questioned by an officer, never respond with defiance or aggression. The field is never the place to fight your DUI/DWI; the courtroom is far better suited to hear your challenges to the facts and law.

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three phases of DUI/DWI police contact

1. Vehicle in motion. Officers are trained in this phase to make keen observations and gather relevant information concerning driver behavior. According to NHTSA research there are twenty DUI detection cues to look for.
2. Personal contact. This face-to-face interaction allows the officer to see, hear, and smell signs of impairment. If the officer needs more information to make an arrest, the face-to-face is followed up by an exit sequence. This exit sequence may trigger a pre-arrest screening where a battery of field tests are used to make a probable cause finding.
3. Pre-arrest screening. Depending on the first two phases, this phase will culminate in an arrest decision or the release of the suspect. Whether the suspect performs well on the standard field sobriety tests, or fails miserably; it’s the officer’s ultimate call in the field given the facts and circumstances available at the time.

exceptional DUI/DWI defense results

DUI reduced to infraction after the Defense discovers consistent errors in field sobriety testing.
License reinstated after hearing on the matter.
Felony DUI reduced to a misdemeanor after preliminary hearing.
DUI second was pled down to DUI first.
DUI dismissed 30 minutes before trial started.
Felony DUI reduced to misdemeanor.
Felony DUI reduced to misdemeanor.
DUI reduced to infraction after discovering that the breath test was administered without an observation period.
DUI reduced to infraction at the first court appearance because of evidence produced by toxicologist John Tarver.
Client received three DUI charges within one month. One was ultimately dismissed on the day of trial and the other two resulted in a misdemeanor probation.
Defendant’s fifth DUI; diversion granted because the Officer admitted to improperly scoring HGN (Defendant was cross eyed).
Defendant accused of Driving Under the Influence of Drugs; case dismissed.
DUI dismissed.
License reinstated after hearing on the matter.
License reinstated after hearing on the matter and criminal case reduced to infraction.
Felony DUI reduced to misdemeanor on the day of preliminary hearing.
License reinstated after hearing on the matter.
License reinstated after hearing on the matter.
License reinstated after hearing on the matter.
License reinstated after hearing on the matter.
License reinstated after hearing on the matter.
License reinstated after hearing on the matter.
Felony DUI reduced to misdemeanor.

forensic toxicologist

John Tarver

(214) 385-7287

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6483 NE County Road 13003,

Butler, MO 64730

Greg Watt relies heavily on toxicologist John Tarver to successfully defend his clients.

Greg Watt and toxicologist John Tarver are an excellent team to have by your side due to the fact that they both share a law enforcement background.

Put that background to work for you by calling The Watt Law Firm.

Drugs of Abuse

John Tarver has the experience that comes from running up to a thousand samples a day when he was working for the crime lab. During his time with the crime lab he was able to oversee accreditation by SAMSHA, CAP, ASCLAD, and CMS.


John Tarver is a seasoned expert and has provided court testimony for both the Prosecution and the Defense concerning the interpretation of DUI/DWI toxicology.

Seized Drugs

John Tarver oversaw SCLAD certification for seized drug testing for the ten years that he served as technical director for a regional crime lab. During that ten years the lab performed at least ten samples a day.

Medical Toxicology (Therapeutic Monitoring)

John was involved in therapeutic monitoring for 30 years of his career.

Court Testimony

John Tarver has built his career on expert opinions and credible court testimony. No one in Kansas City brings more experience to the table in the area of toxicology. Visit John Tarver at http://www.tarverforensictoxicologyconsultant.com/

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