why hire a trial lawyer?

Hiring a lawyer can be an intimidating task. There are case specific considerations, financial considerations, and geographic considerations just to name a few. Most people forget the most basic question is also the most important: Do I trust my lawyer from the beginning of the case and beyond? It’s for this reason you need a trial lawyer. A rock solid trial lawyer can see you through the entire case, up to, and including trial, if necessary.

Greg Watt is in a league of his own because he has a verifiable track record of success and verifiable credentials that set him apart from the rest. Thousands of people facing criminal charges have chosen Greg as their warrior of choice because they all recognize: he doesn’t back down from any fight, in any Courtroom, against any Prosecutor.

Greg Watt’s own experience as a Prosecutor has given him a significant advantage in that respect. In fact — because of his work in law enforcement — he is routinely asked to step in and defend the most difficult trial cases in Kansas City. His success in the Courtroom has saved careers; his success in the Courtroom has also kept families together and preserved the futures of young men and women all over the metro area. His Courtroom skills are so well known that the fraternal order of police in both Colorado and Missouri have called upon him to represent Police Officers charged with crimes.

If you need a warrior by your side during these difficult times, contact The Watt Law Firm, LLC for the best representation in the Kansas City metro area.


Three important reasons your case needs the experience of Kansas City trial lawyer, Greg Watt:

1) Greg Watt can objectively evaluate a plea offer (what is a plea offer?) and given his experience as a Prosecutor, counsel you according to the weight of the evidence and how that evidence would be presented to a Judge/Jury. Accepting a plea offer may be the right call for your particular case and your particular needs, however it’s important to have an experienced lawyer by your side in order to make the best decision given the circumstances.

Whether it’s a plea or a trial, by relying on Greg Watt’s expertise, you will have a better understanding of the road ahead and you will be able to make an informed decision. Additionally, you will be properly advised of any collateral consequences that a plea or trial may trigger. 

2) One of the most critical things a lawyer can advise you on is the difference between a motion to exclude versus a motion to suppress. Greg Watt knows the best ways to attempt to delete the evidence being used against you and which motion is the right tool for the job. He understands the law behind the motion, as well as how to properly conduct a suppression hearing. By effectively arguing that the evidence should be excluded or suppressed, Greg Watt has won cases on behalf of clients all over the Kansas City metro area.

3) Every prosecutor knows the pain of an acquittal; very few want to pursue trial when an acquittal looks imminent. As a former Prosecutor, Greg Watt can point out the flaws in the Prosecutor’s case and guide the case to a reasonable conclusion/disposition. In short, Greg knows when to pump the brakes and when to hit the accelerator. People of all walks of life have relied on The Watt Law Firm for representation in their time of need. Greg Watt has earned the trust of Kansas City because of his success in and out of the Courtroom on behalf of people just like you.

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